Work Wonders in Your DC Workflows

The warehouse is at the center of your business. And in today’s highly competitive markets, there’s something even more dependent on efficient warehouse operations – customer satisfaction. And what do customers want from your DC operations? Accurate, on-time, and flawless fulfillment. Every time.

What are we doing to address these enterprise needs?

We've been hard at work developing a wearable solution that can dramatically streamline scan-intensive tasks, while reducing capital and operational expenses. The 8680i Wearable Mini Mobile Computer replaces a separate scanner and handheld computer with a solution that can help you tackle rapidly rising volumes – without adding staff and complexity.

Here's how the 8680i Wearable Mini Mobile can work wonders on your DC workflows:

  • Speeds throughputs; saving up to 5 seconds per scan

  • Reduces the need for multiple paired devices, saving acquisition and support costs

  • Uses smart battery technology to power workers through a full shift – and beyond

  • Minimizes unplanned downtime with the best tumble specs on the market

Is your DC challenged to deliver accurate, on-time, and flawless fulfillment? We can help.

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