Benefit from Accurate and Fast Dimensional Scanning

Using advanced 3D depth-sensing technology, AutoCube 8200 automatically calculates the overall dimensions of a package in less than a second – even when it comes to irregularly shaped parcels. The result? Maximized storage space, increased sustainability in the warehouse and on the road, and substantially reduced freight costs while capturing the conditions of the boxes for possible future damage claims.

Easily Integrate It into Your Workflow Systems – Always Connected

Thanks to its connected device and software management, productivity dashboards, alerts, and reporting features, the Honeywell Connected AutoCube 8200 is a compact, high-performance dimensioning solution. It can be easily integrated into existing shipping automation systems and can be quickly adapted for use with automated workflow systems. Our solution does not require any special power source and has a small footprint so it fits well into ecommerce fulfillment centers and other environments where space is at a premium.

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