Honeywell Battery Free Wireless Scanner Honeywell Battery Free Wireless Scanner

A World First: Wireless Scanning Without the Battery!

Honeywell is proud to introduce the world’s first battery-free wireless handheld barcode scanner. Developed using in-built supercapacitors, our market-breaking product is both environmentally safe and frees organisations from the need to purchase, maintain and dispose of batteries.

Honeywell Battery Free Barcode Scanning

Our supercapacitor-powered wireless handheld scanner offers further additional benefits:

  • Fully recharges in mere seconds thanks to the use of supercapacitors
  • Has a 8+ year lifespan - six times longer than standard lithium-ion batteries
  • Completely eliminates risk of battery failure

Our white paper provides a brief overview of supercapacitor power sources, clarifying the benefits and limitations of using supercapacitor-powered barcode scanners at POS (point-of-sale) and in other applications. It also outlines the crucial differences in performance, cost and environmental impact between battery-powered barcode scanners and our supercapacitor-powered scanners in retail environments.

Download today, and take the first step towards future-proofing your organisation for the next generation of barcode scanning.

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