Regain your competitive edge with retail technology that delivers better omnichannel services for your customers


Your storefront is facing strong competition from online retailers who can get their products into the hands of your customer faster than ever before. You need to deliver a five star customer experience and seamless, error-free omnichannel services with fewer store associates and more and more products to stock on the shelves. And you need to find an edge over online competitors. Today’s successful retailers have adapted to offer the best of both worlds: online ordering capabilities with delivery via a distributed network, where and when the consumer wants. This could be ship-to-store / click-and-collect, or home delivery via a local storefront, or simply checking stock and pricing before making a purchase in store. In this omnichannel storefront, order fulfillment processes are increasingly complex as retailers take on their new role of an e-commerce fulfillment center.

  • Improve Efficiency with Easy-to-Use Technology

    The Connected Retail Solution is a worker-focused hardware and software solution that improves your retail associate’s efficiency and accuracy, and gives retail operations the boost needed to compete.

  • Empower Your Associates to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

    Our non-obtrusive wearable technology allows your workers to deliver a five-star customer experience, whether in store, at the in-store pickup counter or at the customer’s front door.  

  • Gain Critical Visibility and Control of Your Operation

    Connected retail introduces greater visibility into the store operation, with solutions for directing in-store and back-of-store order fulfillment tasks and labor processes, all tracked and measured centrally. 

  • Click and Collect Order Fulfillment

    Give your customers the error-free orders and seamless experience they demand, from order receipt to packing and shipping.

  • Make Your Storefront 20% More Productive

    Applying advanced software and hardware solutions to your labor and stock management can deliver 20% productivity savings – a critical gain as retail storefronts operate more like distribution centers, and use of click and collect services grows.

  • Make the most of your existing IT investments

    Connected Retail uses industry-standard tools to make integration into your existing store systems simple and fast. And with a software platform designed to work with virtually any Android, iOS or Windows 10 device, we can help you make the most out of your existing hardware investments.