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  • iInfo/Check-in
  • SP1Speak Up Stage 1
  • SP2Speak Up Stage 2
  • TPDTPD Stage, Osapiensi
  • HA24h Hackathon
  • TTech Forward
  • ECExpert Corner
  • VRVR Corner
  • E1Honeywell Gas Detectors, Con. PPE, Con. Hearingi
  • E27Solutionsi
  • E3Honeywell Safety Suitei
  • E4ALK Technologies Ltd.i
  • E5OrangeNXTi
  • E5Data Onei
  • E6The Config Teami
  • E6Movilitasi
  • E7oneIDentity+i
  • E8Honeywell Connected Freighti
  • E9Honeywell Productivity Productsi
  • E10Honeywell Interligent Wearablesi
  • E11Secure Media Exchange (SMX)i
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The exhibitor list ist subject to change

Gold Sponsors

The Config Team | Movilizer Platform Provider - SAP

The Config Team has over 25 years of expertise in the world of SAP Logistics, making SAP enjoyable to use! Adopting a consultative approach to find the best fit solution for your business, employees and customers. We design and implement intelligent SAP supply chain solutions that will help you increase your efficiency and meet the demands of your customers. The Config team has extensive experience working with high profile suppliers and manufacturers, helping to optimize their SAP supply chain and ERP systems.

Osapiens Services GmbH | Movilizer Platform Services

Osapiens was foundet in 2018 to help manufacturers, disctributors and wholesale to overcome current and future Track and Trace Challenges such as TPD. 2 of their 3 founding partners have participated in the DG Sante workshops in Stockholm, Madrid, and Bucharest in order to understand the reach of TPD and create TPD implementation guidelines and best practices. osapiens have already run the first successful PoCs and pilots at two of the largest EU distributors and are starting with several other smaller ones to ensure they are TPD ready on time.

Silver Sponsors

OrangeNXT | Exhibitor

A wholly owned subsidiary of ICT Group, OrangeNXT uses its in-depth knowledge of and expertise in digital transformation to create plug-and-play products and solutions that enable customers to fully benefit from faster and more efficient implementations. We define ‘digital transformation’ as the smart connection of people, devices and data. People generate data with every move they make, with every mouse click and with every bit of data they enter. Even machines and other assets generate data. And with IoT, you can gather this data in real-time with no effort at all.

Movilitas Consulting | Movilizer Platform Provider - SAP

Movilitas was founded in 2006 and employs nearly 200 experts around the globe. We are an expert partner in the domains of Track & Trace/Serialization and Mobile Enterprise Solutions for various industries and with focus on SAP IUS and PM/CS integration. Our services are complemented by cloud-based and on-premise solutions for multi-resource scheduling, including planning on the map and auto optimization.


7 Solutions GmbH | Exhibitor

7Solutions is a dynamic company which focuses on providing customized gas detection, for gas measuring problems in its broadest sense. Portable devices for personal safety, fixed probes, gas detector tubes, leak detectors, alcoholtesters, but also calibrated gas cylinders and our repair / calibration service are part of our comprehensive package.

ALK Technologies | Exhibitor

ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company, is a global leader in routing, mapping, mileage and navigation solutions. With a focus on safety and compliance, ALK addresses the needs of every driver, whether it is professional truck, mobile worker or daily commuter. The ALK partner network spans leading Systems Integrators, channel partners, hardware manufacturers and OEM to enable the delivery of innovative, customized transportation, logistics and mobility solutions across a wide variety of industries worldwide. For more information on ALK Technologies, visit:

Data One | Movilizer Platform Provider - SAP

As a medium-sized consulting company, Data One has grown successfully for over 10 years. From our offices in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland, more than 100 employees of the Data One Group are active for our customers around the world. We support you on your way through digital transformation. We are doing this with our portfolio of high-quality business consulting and technical services. We want you to make full use of your potential through the digitalisation of the world of work and to shape your business model in the future. Data One combines agility and creative power to implement business processes with modern software. The aim of our employees is to provide strategic advice and proactive guidance throughout the project . We do so in partnership and with economic solutions to the success of our customers. Today and in the future.

OneIDentity+ | Movilizer Platform Provider

OneIDentity+ is a leading solutions provider in product serialization, -authentication and brand protection. As a subsidiary of TecAlliance GmbH and solution partner of GS1 Germany, oneIDentity+ GmbH is your neutral and reliable partner. We offer flexible, mobile services based on worldwide valid standards for the challenges around product protection and Track & Trace in Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Honeywell Connected Freight | Exhibitor

Honeywell Connected Freight provides high-performance, near real-time tracking and monitoring of sensitive freight shipments, empowering logistics companies to interpret – and resolve – shipment issues and events before they impact the supply chain.

Honeywell Gas Detectors, Connected PPE, Connected Hearing | Exhibitor

Honeywell Safety Products produces leading PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) from trusted brands such as Honeywell®, Uvex®, North®, Howard Leight®, Oliver®, Servus®, and Miller®. The products help building enduring cultures of safety across a wide range of markets that include general safety and preparedness, first responder, electrical safety, and consumer products.

Intelligent Wearables | Honeywell

Intelligent Wearables is Honeywell’s software solution suite built to run on a set of wearable and handheld technologies that provide your field workers with connectivity, communications, information, data transfer and safety. The ability to leverage these solutions across multiple domains and applications enable you to increase your field workers’ productivity from multiple perspectives, thereby enhancing the return on the investments you make.

Productivity Products | Honeywell

Honeywell Productivity Products offer a range of handheld computers, vehicle mounted computers, scanners, printers, and RFID readers to help improve the productivity of your mobile workforce, and lower the total cost of ownership for your business.

Safety Suite | Honeywell

Safety Suite is an open-platform of connected applications that enhances safety, productivity, and compliance for industrial customers by using connected devices, analytics, and workflow automation. Device Manager offering allows Safety Managers and Hygienists to maintain and track their large fleet of devices so that they can be reliably used to protect workers and assets. Real Time offering enables incident commanders to remotely monitor safety of workers & assets, collaborate and make real-time decisions. Finally, Worker Compliance enables the management of worker readiness for job by tracking training compliance, safety equipment assignment and its maintenance to enforce safe work environment.

Secure Media Exchange (SMX) | Honeywell

Secure Media Exchange reduces cyber security risk and limits operational disruptions by monitoring, protecting, and logging use of removable media throughout industrial facilities. SMX provides easy-to-use security for safe, productive use of removable media in industrial networks