Many distribution centers are still using paper-based data collection methods, outdated voice hardware, or even consumer devices with high breakage rates to move and track goods in their high-volume DC workflows. On average, companies are losing more than $400,000 every year in picking errors. Read this market brief to find out why it is such an advantage to free up workers' hands and eyes with wearable, ergonomic technology.

High-Volume Workflows without the Bulk

From Vocollect™ voice solutions that free up workers’ hands and connect them to data, to Bluetooth® wearable scanners, Honeywell wearables are moving the industry towards better efficiency in data capture and order fulfillment.

Meeting the Challenges of a Modern DC with Vocollect Voice

37 languages spoken by Vocollect voice, and whichever dialect you choose in reply – no problem for our trained voice system and adaptive recognition technology. In a noisy DC environment, it can't be just any voice, it has to be Vocollect voice.

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