The Retailer's World is Changing - Lead the Change with Our Webinar Series

Your storefront is facing strong competition from online retailers who can get their products into the hands of your customer faster than ever before. And you need to deliver a five star customer experience in your store to get an edge over 100% online competitors. Connected Retail can help.

The Honeywell Connected Retail Solution is worker-focused hardware and software that improves storefront efficiency and accuracy, and gives retail operations the boost needed to compete. It introduces greater visibility into the store operation, with solutions for directing the workforce, streamlining tasks and measuring these new processes. Watch the webinar series now to learn how your stores can keep one step ahead of online competition.

  • In webinar one, Retail Challenges and the Need for Directed Work, we explore the changing face of retail, and how a technology solution to direct work in store can benefit you.
  • In webinar two, From Hub and Spoke to Omnichannel: Your Store is a DC, we examine the effects of omnichannel on the store network, and explain how thinking about your store as a distribution center can help you better manage the customer expectations for delivery and ultimately offer a better experience for customers in the store.
  • In the third webinar in the series, What if you could make your store operations even more efficient?, we look into ways to reduce out-of-stocks, helping you better manage Gap/Low Line Scan, Directed Sort, and Shelf Replenishment.