Your Mobile Workers:
Connected, Productive, Responsive.

Here’s what we’re hearing from hundreds of companies.
Equipping workers with mobile computing power pays dividends throughout the enterprise. But our voice-of-customer research shows that more and more companies are feeling constrained by the complexities of managing and maintaining inflexible mobile solutions and the endless costs of hardware failure.

What are we doing with these insights?
We created the sleek yet ultra-rugged Dolphin™ CT60 mobile computer. With lightning-fast processing and quick, power-efficient memory, you’ll be able to run all the apps that are essential to your business.

Built on the Mobility Edge™ platform, the Dolphin CT60 is the first device among a family of mobile solutions built on a common platform that brings simplicity to the deployment of mobile solutions across your enterprise. Faster, with less risk, at lower cost. And better yet, the Dolphin CT60 is an Android™ Enterprise Recommended device, meaning your investment is future-proof with support through five Android generations.

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