On-demand delivery. Customer control. Inventory visibility. All of those innovations depend on accurate tracking. And tracking starts with scanning.

According to new research insights written in partnership with Honeywell and PlanetRetail, scanning data will be the most important source for retailers looking to gain insights into customers’ shopping behavior in order to optimize assortments, combat out-of-stocks, and improve the shopping experience.

Scanning solutions, like the all-new Xenon™ XP, help retailers boost productivity and engagement through fast and accurate scanning, the first time and every time – even on poorly printed or damaged barcodes. Leveraging advanced machine learning capabilities, the Xenon XP offers retailers significant advantages in reducing ongoing maintenance costs by proactively identifying service disruptions before they occur.

Here are just some of the benefits the Xenon XP can enable for your operations:

  • Real-time visibility of inventory
  • Rapid home delivery of online orders
  • Fast fulfillment of online orders
  • Dynamic inventory replenishment processes

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