Accelerate the Edge
Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform helps you overcome complexity to build, manage, and deploy mobile solutions across your enterprise better, faster, with less risk, and less cost. This unique platform offers a seamless integration of hardware and software built for the next generation of mobile computers, wearables, voice-directed technology, tablets, and vehicle-mounted computers.

Rethink the Core
We have teamed up with Google and Qualcomm to develop our Mobility Edge platform, built on the Android™ operating system. As Android continues to maintain its foothold as the standard for industrial mobile devices, we support current as well as future versions of the OS (through Android Q). We are providing consistency across Honeywell's next-generation devices to make it easier for our customers to upgrade current models, manage device refreshes, and quickly deploy software applications.

Download the Mobility Edge White Paper

Download the latest white paper from Honeywell, Future Proofing with Mobility Edge, and learn how to simplify deployments, strengthen performance, and be a cost-effective, future-proof way for businesses to deploy mobile solutions.