Increasing consumer and retailer demands. More competition. Inconsistent in-store execution.

As the business landscape grows more complex, consumer goods suppliers with Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations are seeking ways to further boost operational efficiency, cut costs and increase revenue.

New technologies and process re-engineering can deliver big benefits...

Honeywell studies show that nearly half of the consumer goods organizations using DSD solutions are considering changing the application software used for their DSD operations - but are unsure what to do or see it as too complex to change. But those that have undergone software and process re-engineering efforts have seen considerable benefits: cost savings, better efficiency, increased revenue, improved in-store execution; the list goes on.

...but how do you get there? Honeywell can help.

With over three decades of DSD leadership, our expertise is reflected in our complete DSD solutions including hardware, software and life cycle services. Our new Cloud DSD software application suite is based on Honeywell’s award winning Movilizer platform and will provide you with immediate benefits today with increasing benefits for years to come.


Unsure about the complexity and benefits from a Cloud DSD solution for your organization? Get in touch with us today and see what a Honeywell solution can do for your DSD operations.