Vocollect voice creates an exciting worker experience for connected workers in your DC.

  • Increase Productivity

    Vocollect voice is 15%–25% faster, increasing productivity.

  • Reduce Picking Errors

    Vocollect voice customers average fewer than 2 errors per 1,000, versus an industry average of 4–6 errors per 1,000 for other handheld devices.

  • Improved Training Speed

    Training time for Vocollect voice is 50%–65% less than the training time for other handheld devices.

  • Easy Training

    Safety concerns are eliminated with Vocollect voice thanks to its "hands-free, eyes-free" experience.


“Voice became, to me, the signature of our entire deployment. The whole project boiled down to Vocollect Voice working exactly the way we said it was going to work, and it became the device of the future for us.”
- Distribution and Logistics Lead, Patterson Logistics

See more about how this Vocollect voice + SAP solution from Honeywell transformed Patterson's DC operation.

Download the full case study to read more about Vocollect voice + SAP.