In May 2019 all EU Economic Operators in the tobacco market have to be track and trace compliant.

This EU Directive means that distributors, cash and carry operations, retail / vending businesses will be required to track and trace tobacco products up to the point of sale to the consumer, or face potentially sizeable fines and loss of trading licences.

Honeywell will help you reach compliance quickly and easily. What’s more, we can show you how your operation can benefit more widely from implementing a Track and Trace solution beyond basic compliance.

Spend half a day with our team at one of our European roadshow locations where you will learn:

  • • Basics of EU Directive on TPD
  • • What you need to do to be compliant and by when
  • • What is the impact of non-compliance
  • • How will it impact my business? We’ll walk you through a typical day and highlight areas of change.
  • • How do I get reimbursed?
  • • What IT infrastructure do I need?
  • • Where can I purchase approved Track & Trace solutions?
  • • A local case study
  • • Q&A session

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