The migration from 3G to 4G is well underway. Among enterprise mobility solution providers, so is the move to full-touch devices built on Android™. But many legacy applications haven’t been upgraded to this new touch-centric world – and many companies still need devices with keypads for their mission-critical apps.

That’s why many businesses are looking for ways to enhance their existing 3G networks and software – while preparing to migrate to 4G and Android.

Luckily, there is a solution available to help you protect today’s investments, but still have access to tomorrow’s mobile capabilities. The Dolphin™ CN80 is an ultra-rugged device that combines a traditional keyboard with a modern, touchscreen interface – ideal for warehouse and field service environments.

Powered by Android and built on Honeywell’s new Mobility Edge™ platform, the Dolphin CN80 enables:

  • Simplified Deployments – Validate new apps and updates once, then deploy across all form factors.

  • Enhanced Device Performance – Optimize worker productivity and efficiency with powerful, embedded tools across the platform.

  • Extended Lifecycle – Enjoy a long device lifecycle with support through five Android generations, plus guaranteed security updates two years beyond Google’s last patch.

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