It’s no secret that today’s distribution and logistics operations are under enormous pressure to fulfill more orders every day, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs. In fact, independent research has shown the average DC can lose up to 3,000 hours and over $400,000 per year due to inefficient processes and unproductive worker time alone.

A vehicle-mounted computer is a proven way to enable your forklift operators to locate and move products faster, reduce errors, and increase productivity, all without having to move from the driver’s seat. And Honeywell's Thor™ VM1A is loaded with features that make it a valuable choice for today's modern DC.

For starters, the Thor VM1A is built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™, a dynamic hardware and software platform and rapid provisioning suite to accelerate, simplify, and minimize the cost of deployments across your enterprise. It also provides support through the next 4 generations of Android™ – from Android O to Android R – for long-term investment protection.

The rugged Thor VM1A is easy to maintain with a field-replaceable front panel and Honeywell’s exclusive SmartDock system for quick swapouts between vehicles without touching cabling – minimizing downtime and reducing the number of spare parts needed to be kept in inventory.

All of that translates into an extended product lifecycle and lower cost of ownership – keeping your forklift operators up and running and delivering better ROI to your bottom line.

Take the next step to empower your forklift operators and future-proof your mobility investment.

Discover how Honeywell’s Thor VM1A can help transform your DC operations with a no-cost consultation with a Honeywell advisor. Request a copy of the datasheet to find out more.