Honeywell and SAP have joined forces to provide the same powerful Honeywell Voice technology that over one million distribution center users depend on, to SAP Business One DC operations, enabling workers to be more productive, accurate and safe.

Honeywell’s Vocollect™ Voice Solutions provide proven and innovative workflow performance technologies custom designed for distribution center, maintenance & inspection, and retail environments. With $20 billion in customer savings to date, Vocollect technology works to streamline your mobile workforce by providing best-in-class, voice-enabled workflow processes in 60 countries and 35 languages worldwide.

Guided Work Solutions improves your business’ day-to-day operations by providing:


Flexible Deployment

Guided Work Solutions brings an integrated mobile application and voice-directed work to modern Android and iOS mobile devices through a configurable, fully SAP-licensed solution.

Speed to Peak Performance

Built for operation in both non-voice and voice-directed modes, Guided Work Solutions can be configured and deployed with ease based on your DC’s requirements, quickly resulting in optimal worker productivity and increased business value.

Enhanced Worker Experience

The seamless integration of voice technology into daily tasks empowers workers by enabling efficiency without a disruptive learning curve.

Find out how you can accelerate your transition from paper-based processes with Honeywell Guided Work Solutions and SAP Business One. Contact us now.